We had fantastic support from the midwives at the MountIsa hospital. One special midwife wrote the following poem for us and Ellen.

Ellen Elizabeth Jordan

The angels watching over her decreed from up on high
That this sweet child should say hello before she says goodbye
She knew she would be cherished and blanketed in love
This earth was but a detour to her heavenly home above

We may never know the reason for events that break our heart
Nor fathom why, with one so loved, so soon we had to part
Ellen blessed us with her presence, that is one thing we do know
With her locks of gold and button nose, it’s hard to let her go

She’ll remain a special blossom in the garden of our mind
And a memory that is savoured, as our lives are redefined
To accommodate emotions that we hoped we’d never feel
As the grieving trail we travel, to allow our hearts to heal

Precious moments spent with Ellen we will often times replay
Thanking God for every moment of her short November day
And at night when stars are sparkling in a sky of indigo
See the brightest one as Ellen shining down to say hello

Helen Dries November 2003