We had our first ultrasound today – the baby’s there but not much to see.  Basically the dating scan measures the size of the embryo and sack and in our case concluded that Basil (as we’re now calling the baby) is 7 weeks 6 days old.

The name Basil came about when we were watching a wildlife carer show on the ABC. The carer was looking after very cute possums one had been named Basil, the other Rosemary and the last Herb!  Initially we’d started to call Basil, Hope. But in the end I think it sounded a bit corny and made it a bit melodramatic, so for the next 32 weeks Basil it is.

Today was also the start of holidays, we left work early, caught the plane and arrived in Brisbane where Bob and Wendy picked us up.

Before we got home we picked Robert up from Dom and Carrie’s, interestingly Carrie’s Mum, touched Mary’s tummy in a strange way and then commented on the dress. As she admitted a couple of days later she guessed Mary was pregnant but had a last split second change of mind and commented on the dress instead.  Pretty amazing given that Mary really isn’t showing at all yet!