A poem by Mary:

Dear Baby Inside
We can’t wait for you to arrive
But we are so worried about you
We love you so much already
You are our little basil
And we watch daily as you grow
We ache for you to arrive and survive
We long to hold you, to kiss and cuddle you
We hope for your future
I can’t wait to see your grandparents spoil you
Your Dad teach you to kick and throw a ball
He feels your Mummy’s tummy waiting for your touch
Not long now
He loves to sing to you
I love to rub my belly
I think it soothes you

We were so sad when Ellen died
We just want for you to survive
We are trying so hard, going to extremes
For you we have so many dreams
So grow baby grow
Grow Basil grow
We love you already
And can’t wait to meet you
Dear Baby Inside