Basil at 30 weeks

Mary’s just headed off down to Brisbane for a couple of days, mainly for work. Though she’ll catch up with Bob and Wendy and maybe even Mum and Dad this afternoon, which will be good. It was a bit of a downer to say goodbye. Mary’s a little nervous, hoping that nothing will happen while she’s away.

Had a good time last night at a pig on the spit, put on by Anna. There would have been around 100 people there. They’ve got a nice big property in Aligator Ck, with a few pigs, horses and chickens (1 less pig after last night). We talked with Anna’s work colleges mostly:

I think we both got a bit annoyed when someone started talking down the townsville general hospital saying that she’d never have kids there. It’s hard to get across to people how good the hospital’s been to us.

Mary’s treatment on Thursday was better than usual. It was preceded by a visit to the doctor, and a scan on the 29 April.

The scan was great to give us a bit more confidence that things are still progressing well, and they seem to be. The doctor’s visit was also good. David was unavailable at our last appointment because he had been struck down with ciguatera (fish poisoning) following a large piece of coral trout. He told us that while in hospital, he was on a drip and because of a little pain had adjusted the pump rates slightly only to be told off by the nurse. So he commented that he fully understood that if that was the way the nurses treated him, Mary might be having some issues if we’re looking for them to adjust protocols. Anyway it looks like David went and had a word with the nurses and along with the haematologist developed a written protocol for the nurses to take the 10mL out of the saline bags. The upshot… we were out of there before 5pm :))