We attended the last of the antenatal classes this evening. The highlight included a video which really clearly set out all the potential reasons why you may want to reconsider having a baby! Sleepless nights, lack of time, crying babies… and I’m hooked.

I said to Mary over the weekend that sometime in the last week I’ve let my guard down. It’s a subconscious thing, but up until now I don’t think I’ve wanted to let myself believe that this is all happening. But now… I’m excited! When I think about it the pregnancy experience has been a bit strange. I’m normally the sort of person with a lot of questions and wanting to read all about it. But looking back I’ve pretty much avoided reading about the product of pregnancy, and when I have read up on the topic, it’s been about the neonatal haemochromatosis issues.

It is really like a blind being drawn back – sometimes there are steps in journey that I didn’t even know were there.

The problem is I’m now even more nervous about things. Mary nearly feinted at one stage today while she was at home. It’s potentially normal, but it’s hard not to worry… being alive.