What a relief, exitement, relief, anticipation, relief… Today was probably the last ultrasound scan. From what we understand of NH it onsets reasonably late in the pregnancy, but Ellen was born at 36 weeks, and Basil is already 34 weeks. Considering the multiple problems that Ellen had you would expect that if Basil had similar problems they would be evident in the ultrasound… wouldn’t you? It’s hard to get anything out of the doctors on this front, we just concentrate on the positives; everything looks fine, both from a NH point of view or eclampsia.

Currently Basil is about 2.7kg (already 0.5kg) heavier than Ellen. The only thing I’m not quite sure of is how good he looks. I’m pretty sure this isn’t his best angle, but here’s his latest look. Do you think he’s voguing?

The pictures from the ultrasound look a lot better earlier in the pregnancy. It’s harder to get decent views once they grow a bit and start to take up the space.

We saw our doctor afterwards and he confirmed that all looked good. The plan is still to have a cesaerian on 25 July unless things look like they’re going to happen naturally of their own accord at about the same time. Unfortunately I think those 4 weeks are going to go pretty slowly.