Actually we started to get nervous a long time ago about this process!  But we got a touch more nervy last Friday.  The visit to the Doctor was preceded by an ultrasound.  The ultrasound was fairly normal although it did seem to show that Basil’s growth rate had slowed.

On the upside, the placental blood flow was good (indicator that eclampsia shouldn’t be an issue, and also reassuring since Ellen’s placenta was not health) it was also reassuring to hear the Doctor say the liver texture from the ultrasound looked fine.

However, the slowing growth rate prompted an extra appointment and CGT for Basil’s heart.  This of course had us worried most of the weekend.  Thankfully it looks like all the worry was largely unecessary, the CGT show’s his heart is strong and well, and it also appears that slowing growth rates are probably a bit more common than we thought.

Less than a week to go now. One last scan this coming Friday and then the c-section booked for Monday 25 July!