It’s still a bit of a roller coaster ride, but we seem to be over the scary bits.

Dr Koh has been corresponding with Dr Whitington, and the theory is that Harry has probably been affected by the neonatal hemochromatosis after all.  In some ways this isn’t a bad thing – it at least means that those 21 weeks of immunoglobulin infusions weren’t for nothing.  This conclusion was based on the raised ferritin levels.  However, all the other liver and renal function tests indicate that there’s no damage.  To help get things under control he’s now on Vitamin E (antioxidant) to counteract the effects of iron in the organs (which acts as an oxidant).  As Dr Whitington said in an email to Dr Koh today, there’s no need to worry, 80% of the babies treated with the immunoglobulin have shown signs of NH, and they are all now 100% healthy.  Harry’s signs seem to be on the mild end of the scale so all should be OK.  At this stage we’re on track to get him home early next week (maybe even Monday – fingers crossed!)