Harry finally made it home today, one week after his birthday.

It’s been a pretty amazing journey over the last 2 years: from Ellen death; Mary’s eclampsia; moving from Isa, to Brisbane and then finally to Townsville; receiving the neonatal hemochromatosis (NH) diagnosis; the shock of discovering NH recurred at a rate of 80% in siblings and that it was usually fatal; finding hope in Dr Whitington’s treatment; Mary spending every Thursday for the last 5 months receiving infusions in the oncology day unit; the joy of seeing Harry born; deep breaths at the thought that without the treatment he may have had the same fate as Ellen – how fickle life can be; and finally the relief/elation at being able to bring him home.

To quote Midnight Oil (out of context I know) I think this is the end of the beginning of the outbreak of love.

By the way, I had no idea what a good idea this web site would be.  I checked the statistics on the site today.  Web pages have now been viewed over 3200 times. Imagine… 7 days old and famous already!