Fantastic week! I had the week off work to help Mary out now that all the grandparents are back down south, and the three of us had a great time.

At the end of week five Harry’s:

  • Taking a lot more notice of stuff, really looking around and checking things out (I don’t have to stick my face in front of his quite so often to get him to look at me 🙂
  • Perfected low raspy, grunty, groans, which we can only assume is Harry voicing his discontent at the functioning of his digestive system.
  • Starting to cry a bit more often and spending more time awake.
  • Feeding just about all the time! Seems to be in the middle of a continuous growth spurt.  Where once he was happily going along at 3-4 hourly feeds, the last few days he’s only happy when feeding every 2 hours or so.  (This is the theme for the photos we’ve uploaded.)

Back to work for me tomorrow.  Oh well.