Harry turned 9 weeks old today! Unfortunately for Harry there was no party, only immunisation needles. Poor little fella spent most of the day feeling sorry for himself after receiving the jabs to his thighs.

He didn’t have a bad weekend though. On Saturday he got to meet a few people from Dad’s tennis team (Marlene & Roger, Amanda & Gayle). While on Sunday he pretty much slept most of the day, apart from an early morning walk with Mum and Dad.

So what else is he up to these days? Well the smiles are certainly there (check this one out!), though it has to be said he has a strange sense of humour (the white cupboard door is apparently hilarious). He’s also managed a half roll, getting himself from his tummy onto his back. Lots of more kicking (early indications are he’s got a strong right foot), and he’s starting to make a few more interesting communicating noises.

And as for his growth, he’s just hit the 5kg mark which puts him a bit below the 50th percentile (see his Growth Chart).

That’s all for another week.