Well it’s been a while since Mum and Dad provided the last update on how I’m progressing.  I thought it was so slack that I tried to teach myself about this whole internet thing!

As for today, it started off slow.  Big storm last night in Townsville and I really didn’t sleep much, which meant I was tired and grumpy this morning.  At about 9:30am Mum and Dad put me in the car – I was like: as if that’s going to work, you’ll have to do something pretty special to spark me up… but they did!

I’m not sure it comes across in all the photos, but I really did think my first swimming lesson was pretty cool.  There was this tunnel, a nice lady called Dawn showed me how to breathe under water, Mum taught me to kick, and Dad couldn’t stop smiling.

By the time I got back home I was just completely zonked and caught up on all that sleep Mum said I should have got last night.

Bye for now