November 2005

As we continue to explore the possibilities of blogging, I’ve instituted the video of the month page.  You can find the link in the bar towards the top of the blog (or Click Here).  This month features Harry saying is first words… kind of…


Harry has just woken up from a 3 hour afternoon nap.  At last we seem to have the sleep thing under control.  OK so he’s still a little grizzly when he goes to bed in the evening but on the whole he’s great.  He set a personal best last week at Grandma and Pa’s (10 hours: from 7pm-5am) and went close to beating it last night – needless to say his parents are supporting him all the way in this quest!

More good news on the feeding front.  Harry’s been happy with 6 feeds today, down from the usual 8-10.  Mum’s relieved.

Finally on the development front, over the last 1-2 weeks there’s been some significant progress in his ability to reach and hold onto things.  Up until now most of his movements look pretty random or at least uncontrolled.  Now he’s definitely reaching and holding objects and the movements are much more purposeful.

Thought this was a pretty cool photo of Mary and Harry taken on the front steps of our place this afternoon. (An enlarged photo can be seen here)

Mary and Harry

Mum came across this article from the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this year, Generation Vexed. The article talks about how us generation x’ers might be overdoing things when it comes to parenting…

Mark, 31, a social researcher, has investigated how generation X parents handle parenting. He and other researchers have found that contrary to the dated image of a cynical, aimless generation, Xer parents can’t do enough for their offspring, investing almost every spare moment in their children’s futures.

Could you associate this behaviour with someone who writes blogs and posts copious photos of their child’s development? And there’s more…

But many generation Xers have become “hyperparents”, trying to plan every aspect of their children’s education and leisure

Mmmm that reminds me, must not forget to take Harry to his swimming lesson tomorrow. Seriously, I almost feel guilty because unlike some of our friends we’re yet to enroll Harry into any form of secondary education!

There’s also some interesting statistics on the social changes since the baby boomers…

Parents today are squeezing what they can out of that non-work time to actively care for their children. In 1974 boomer mothers of children aged four and under spent 17.1 hours a week in physical interaction – playing, reading, emotional care, driving them around – compared to generation X mums spending 19.6 hours in 1997 (though that figure is down from 24.3 hours in 1992). Boomer dads in 1974 spent just 4.2 hours a week, while generation X dads in 1997 spent 9.6 hours. Michael Bittman, of the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of NSW, predicts the next Bureau of Statistics parenting study, planned for next year, will show even more time actively spent with the children.

Glad I’m not a boomer Dad, I don’t think I’d survive on only 4.2 hours of Harry a week!

We just arrived back from a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend with Mum and Dad. It was great to spend some time with them and also have a bunch of other friends drop in along the way. More photos from the weekend can be found at our flickr site.

The great and grand parents


Welcome to the new trentandmaryandharry blog site, where we’ll endevour to keep you up to date on all our news in the same way we used to do at myblogsite (until they stopped it).  Hopefully this new site will have a longer life.

Our old site will cease to exist on November 30, so from now on all updates will appear here, and we’ll gradually move the old stuff over.


Trent & Mary

We met so many people and had lot’s of fun (while poor Dad was in Mt Isa). It was a special time for us all (except Dad!).

Gran and Grandad

There’s also a few other photos: Grandbob at bathtime, Tummy time with Gran, and another Harry photo!

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