Harry has just woken up from a 3 hour afternoon nap.  At last we seem to have the sleep thing under control.  OK so he’s still a little grizzly when he goes to bed in the evening but on the whole he’s great.  He set a personal best last week at Grandma and Pa’s (10 hours: from 7pm-5am) and went close to beating it last night – needless to say his parents are supporting him all the way in this quest!

More good news on the feeding front.  Harry’s been happy with 6 feeds today, down from the usual 8-10.  Mum’s relieved.

Finally on the development front, over the last 1-2 weeks there’s been some significant progress in his ability to reach and hold onto things.  Up until now most of his movements look pretty random or at least uncontrolled.  Now he’s definitely reaching and holding objects and the movements are much more purposeful.