December 2005

Sunday was bloody hot! I thought we were just becoming soft, but was relieved to find out that it wasn’t just me and that yesterday saw the mercury hit 41!

Nonetheless it wasn’t all bad, Harry had a great swim in the morning down at the Tobruk pool, followed by a nice breakfast at Blue Bottle with Gav, Jo, Helena and Thomas.  Couple of photos here and here.

We also updated the video of the month (see link at the top of the page), where you can checkout Harry’s latest bathtime action!


Here’s a photo to help you with your Saturday morning breakfast as Harry conquors a major milestone… the ability to suck his toes! He’s been perfecting this trick over the last week.

Harry “Rudolf” Jordan has also been getting into the Christmas spirit as you can see 🙂  There’s also a couple of other new photos on the flickr site (Click Here!) including one with his new dog Windsor.

Wow, that took some effort!

After the old blog site closed down unexpectantly (it will disappear from the blogosphere forever at the end of this month) I’ve finally finished converting all the old information over to this new blog. Hopefully if they ever close this site down (or start charging fees – I’m such a cheapskate) I can bring stuff with me a lot more easily. The down side to the new site is that I’ve had to store all the photos elsewhere at or more precisely at: In order to keep all the albums and photos on the flickr site there’s a small annual fee ($35) which I figure isn’t too bad to keep the grandparents, family and friends up to date.

We’re looking forward to Christmas – Harry especially ;), and can’t wait to share a few photos of Harry under the Christmas tree! Bye for now.

Saturday morning piano lessons

Some Mozart perhaps?