February 2006

Playing in the pool

It’s been a good Saturday so far for Harry.

Firstly he seems to be recovering well (finally!) from bronchitis and general cold symptoms which have lasted since early this month. Actually it was all Mum and Dad’s fault – we started bragging how healthy he’d been over the first 6 months – so he thought he’d reaffirm who was boss in month 7!

But apart from feeling better (unlike Mary and I who are now left with the colds) he’s having a great time playing in his pool and new swing.

Weekends fly by pretty quickly when he’s smiling like this


This weekend marked another milestone for Harry.  He’s been looking like he’s going to crawl for a while, but unfortunately, up until now, during playtime if the ball or toy rolled out of reach, it was gone, until Mum or Dad got it back for him.  But as of Saturday morning Harry has forward motion going.  It’s not crawling, and it’s not particularly elegant (bum in the air, jump and grab style), but at least he can get that ball back now… and (what’s worrying) anything else that’s lying around! (Click here for the video evidence).

The Watermelon Man Part III

The exploring continues… Everyday something new.  This weekend’s new foods included:

  • Yoghurt (devoured with enthusiasm after the morning’s swimming lesson),  
  • Watermelon check all the photos and click here for the movie, and…
  • Lamb cutlet! – he’s now got the taste for meat – at least as much as you can after spending 20 minutes sucking on a lamb cutlet (click here for the movie)

Check out the video of the month page for your latest Harry fix (or just click here)

Harry has been sitting up for a couple of weeks now, and is ever so close to crawling. He is also loving his solid food. Mum has to only feed him five times a day now.

We have also had a couple of visitors over the past few weeks. Uncle Bobby came which is always lovely. Justin and Kate, Harry’s God Parents also came up from Sydney. We LOVE having visitors, hint hint to any one with a few spare days on their hands. (Click Here for more photos)