May 2006

If you haven’t already checked it out – do yourself a favour – Bill, Linda and Lachlan have set up a blog site at: I’ve included their site under the blogroll… Not sure about “the beach” in Newman…


<i>Townsville Bulletin</i>, May 16, 2006

In case you didn’t catch the Townsville Bulletin last week, Harry’s story made the front page. This was backed up with a great article on Page 5 (Click Here for the link to the article). There was even an editorial!

Swing cool

Guess What! I got my first tooth this week. Rayh for Harry. Mum and Dad keep poking around in my mouth looking to feel and touch this tooth, but for the moment I’m keeping it to myself. I’ll let them know when there more teeth to celebrate!! Had my first saugage today, not bad.

Piano lessons from Gran

It was so much fun, we sang and played the piano, recorder and drum, not to mention my new xylophone. I learnt to clap and say rayh. Mum and Dad went out a lot and I lapped it all up. Not too happy about being the only boy not to go to the Cowboys, (but they lost anyway). Started thinking about getting my milk from a bottle, GrandBob is so good at giving them.

The Jordan’s on Castle Hill

Went for a nice hike up the hill this morning. Harry had a nice easy ride up in our back pack carrier. He absolutely loves it! Check out the other photos at our flickr site.