July 2006

Happy First Birthday Harry!!

We couldn’t let today pass without wishing Harry a happy birthday. The party will continue on the weekend… it’s been Harry’s party for the last 365 days!



Well from a half shuffle on the weekend, Harry is rapidly progressing towards becoming a walker! Couple of video clips in here of him today as he’s has quickly jumped from crawling to auditioning for a snare drum role in the under 1’s marching band.

We had a great long weekend (thanks to the Show Holiday here in Townsville). We went for a trip up to Paluma on Sunday with Teresa and had a fantastic time. Harry chased turkeys, got a lesson from Teresa in how to keep his hat on, rode a horse, and then got up to mischief at home. You can watch it all below on the small video by clicking this link (yes the brush turkeys are there if you look hard).

It’s been a while since we’ve provided a decent Harry update.  The world cup hasn’t helped, getting up in the middle of the night for a couple of weeks straight takes it out of you.  The saving grace for Mary has been that at least if Harry wakes up I’m on call.

The last month or so has pretty amazing to watch Harry.  He’s not walking yet, but not far away.  Today saw him take a few half steps on a couple of occasions, so I’d say he’ll be walking by the time his first birthday comes around at the end of this month.  In other news on Harry’s likes, dislikes and development…

  • He’s been starting to use signs (we’re attempting to teach him to sign) with more confidence.
  • His favourite book is “Where’s My Teddy” and he loves turning the pages by himself (though has little concept that pages should [did I just say should?!] be turned in sequence) – it’s the first book I’ve learned by heart.
  • He still loves baths, but unfortunately hasn’t been able to get back into swimming.  We’re waiting til his neutrophil counts (which are still low) start to rise.
  • His babbling is becoming more recognisable but don’t think we can claim any real words yet.
  • He was weaned a good couple of months ago, and now happily drinks from a bottle he holds himself.
  • Loves playing with his toy blocks, and is able to put square blocks through square holes… but relies heavily on a brute force solution (actually this applies more generally to his play… “gentle Harry, gentle…” He’s also started to throw the blocks (Hmmm I may have taught him that) looks like he’s right handed, but the evidence isn’t conclusive.
  • He sleeps pretty well – about 7pm to 6am, though sometimes wakes a bit earlier.
  • He enjoys music – particularly when I play a recorder for him.  He quickly want’s to have a go but hasn’t quite worked out how to blow, he has however, put litres of dribble down that recorder!
  • Likes getting outdoors and is able to sit in the same spot playing with a hose for 30mins+.  Up at Paluma yesterday he spent an equivalent amount of time trying to chase down brush turkeys.

The whole child development thing is absolutely amazing!