A friendly nightime visitor

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays… Actually normally I have no issue with them, just when we have to make a visit to hospital for Harry. He had an abscess near his ear that had to be cut out and drained. The procedure went well and he’s fine. It’s funny how these minor things can get you so worried. Unfortunately the trip to the pediatrician to investigate the abscess also brought some other news – his neutrophil count is still extremely low. This doesn’t seem to be affecting him though – on the whole he’s happy and healthy. The bad news for Harry is it means more doctor trips and checkups over the next few months.

On a lighter note, after I got home from the hospital I could hear something rustling through the small bush in front of our place. Lo and behold, it was Eddy the Echidna (now I read so many children’s books I’m totally into alliteration!). Not as cute as Harry, but it’s pretty cool to know they’re in the neighbourhood.