Harry and Jim sit down for a chat

We finally arrived in Brisbane, a couple of weeks ago now.  We’re living in Yeronga, which is pretty much close to everythingas far as we can tell.  Harry’s now got a backyard to play in (at least 10x the size of the strip of sickly looking grass that passed as our backyard in Townsville) and heaps of new friends and family to meet and get to know better

The move didn’t go all that smoothly though.  Harry decided to get sick again at the end of October and the timing couldn’t have been worse.  He ended up in hospital overnight, with the packers arriving the next morning.  As it turns out there was some good amongst it all.  The good was that tests showed Harry’s neutrophil levels have risen out of the ‘neutropenic’ range.  After about 6 months of recording values of 0.1 – 0.3 (he was even measured as having a level of 0 at one stage!) his count is now over 1.  So with a bit of luck Harry’s neutropenic phase is behind us.  Of course the fact he had been neutropenic was the whole reason we ended up at the hospital in the first place, with a fever and other signs of infection a trip to the emergency ward was the low risk option for him.  A couple of follow up tests over the next couple of days revealed it was just a viral infection and he was pretty much back to himself within a week of arriving in Brisbane.

It was a bit sad to say goodbye to Townsville, particularly to Jill and Kent – thankyou so much guys! Without Jill (Harry’s non-blood Grandma) it would have been pretty tough over the last couple of years.  However, so far it’s been good… actually it became fantastic today when a mate offered me a ticket to the first Ashes test! – Davo, I owe you many, many beers! – now that wouldn’t of happened if we’d been in Townsville!