August 2007

Dr Peter Whitington, who developed the IVIg gestational treatment that Mary underwent, has published another paper.

Neonatal Hemochromatosis: A Congenital Alloimmune Hepatitis, Seminars on Liver Disease, 2007, Vol 27, pp 243-250.

I haven’t had the opportunity to review the paper yet, however the abstract states recent research has confirmed Dr Whitington’s alloimmune hypothesis.  Proof of this came through lab tests on mice which were able to reproduce the disease.  The title of the paper suggests that the disease should be renamed “congenital” (medical condition present at birth) “alloimmune” (see the wikipedia definition here) “hepatitis” (causing liver damage). Makes sense.

This research will hopefully one day help identify the antigen responsible for the alloimmune problems and lead to a simple and cheap treatment for the mothers of NH babies in subsequent pregnancies.  I look forward to providing a more thorough lay person review (I’ll have the medical dictionary handy) once I’ve got a full copy of the paper.


Harry turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, so it’s high time a couple of photos made it onto the internet of the occasion. He had a great time!