It’s been a very long time since we last posted here. And there’s been a lot happening! The biggest news is that Mary is pregnant again, now about 23 weeks, and everything is going fine. You can see more ultrasound images here.

It’s also been exciting to be in contact once again with Dr Whitington and hear of the more recent progress in the research. See my comments on his recent paper here.

Mary’s going through the treatment again, and it’s running quite a bit smoother compared to last time. Though it’s no walk in the park. While using Intragam makes the infusion go a lot quicker, there’s still a lot of headaches and needles and time spent in hospitals. Also interestingly, for other people with NH experience, Dr Whitington’s protocol has changed somewhat since Mary underwent the treatment with Harry. Instead of starting at 18 weeks, Mary commenced at 14 weeks, and then had the second treatment at 16 weeks, before the weekly treatments started at week 18. This is based on a theory that damage to the foetus could start earlier than previously thought.

Apologies for the long break between posts. We’ll update you on our progress in the not too distant future.