July 2009

Cara at Home

One of our “recent” blogs had Cara coming home from hospital. Well as you can see she is well and truely home and almost one!!!! After a bit of shaky start she is now doing wonderfully.

The first three months of her life Cara did not want to be here. She was miserable, did not sleep and did not put on weight. There was nothing specifically wrong, just a prognosis of – “failure to thrive”. Not a pleasant phrase to see on your daughter’s medical charts. But once she learnt to smile, boy did she work it. She is now one of the smiliest, happy, energetic babies I have had a pleasure of seeing.

She is a pure JOY – so full of life. We are so grateful she is here.
While not taking away from Ellen, she has helped heal so many hurts that the death of Ellen brought us. She makes our family whole.

We are some of the lucky ones……
Thank you to everyone who shares our journey with us


Harry’s Birthday

Harry Turned Four Yesterday! I can’t believe how much he has grown. We celebrated his day with a small family party and a “H”cake. He was so happy, he sang and danced his way through the morning in his very cool Batman suit.

While we would be lying if we said that (as with all children), life with Harry has always been easy, yesterday was a wonderful day – a celebration of his life. Yesterday he was heaven sent and absolutely delightful.

He woke up singing he was so excited. Morning cuddles were followed by some present opening, and then some more cuddles for his beautiful sister who was now awake.

A great day was had by all of us. Who would have thought???????