This is a series of videos for us to show you all some of Harry’s progress.

June 2007

  • Gran (aka Mary Poppins) and Harry (Click here to view)

April 2007

January 2007

  • “Just me and my harp”… (Click here to view)

December 2006

  • Mary’s still hard at work training… (Click here to view)

October 2006

  • To say Harry likes cleaning at the moment is an understatement. He’s happiest with a broom or a mop, but this is what gets him really excited… (Click here to view)
  • Harry displays some dribbling prowess at the Strand

September 2006

Harry gives a piano performance for Father’s Day.

June 2006

Harry’s happy go lucky nature on display along with a burgeoning music talent!? Click here to view (this one’s located on the youtube web site)

March 2006

General play with Harry. Click here for the avi file (~3MB)

February 2006

A nice look at Harry playing with his new lunch box! Click here for the avi file (2.7MB)

Plus… 3 bonus video clips this month:

  • Watermelon man. Click here for the avi file (1.9MB), and
  • On the move. Click here for the avi file (1.0MB),
  • Carnivore. Click here for the avi file (2.0MB)

January 2006

Not yet released… (awaiting classification from the office of film and literature)

December 2005

This month’s video comes from bathtime. I must warn you that there’s some very serious splashing here… until the very last frame – which is gold! Click here for the avi file (1.9MB)

November 2005

This month we’ve got some very special Harry footage (I know you’re not surprised). Following recent discussions with a couple of speach therapist friends I thought I’d document Harry’s current vocabulary. He’s generally most talkative when he wakes up. Click Here for the avi file (2MB).


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